My Lash Results using Lash Serum

Uptown with Elly Brown 1/25 10:15A Alexis Jones
Over the last year I have gotten countless questions about my lashes. Although I don t think I know everything about lashes I do know what has worked for me and want to share. Today we are talking all...

How to Style and Wear Stockings

Uptown with Elly Brown 1/13 5:05A EllyB
You know what you don t see often? Stockings anymore, and it s such a bummer because it s SUCH an excellent accessory to have in the colder months and can look SO CHIC. I feel like we look at...

How To Style Faux Leather Pants

Uptown with Elly Brown 1/10 3:22A Elly
Nothing says edgier than leather. Take a leather jacket, instantly brings an edge to any outfit! It s probably why I love my faux leather pants so much. I LOVE how it brings an edge to any look. It s...

Stone Age humans stepped out in cave bear fur 300,000 years ago

Houston Style Magazine (Fashion) 1/5 3:39A CNN/ Newswire
Archaeologists in Germany have uncovered some of the earliest evidence of the use of clothing, with newly discovered cut marks on a cave bear paw suggesting the prehistoric animals were skinned for their fur some 300,000 years ago.

4 Ways to Detox from Social Media

Uptown with Elly Brown 1/2 11:18P Elly
Social media can sometimes become a dark place. Fake News, comparison, unrealistic images, the list can go on! 90% of my job involves social media, and even though I try to keep it real as much as I...

Last Minute Gift Ideas from Amazon

Uptown with Elly Brown 12/19 12:25A Elly
Christmas is this Sunday! I repeat Christmas is THIS Sunday! This is the last gift guide that I ll be doing this year, and that you ve definitely come to the right place if you re still needing any last-minute gift ideas. With only days left...

Best Lipstick Shades for the Holidays and Beyond

Color and Chic 12/8 1:00A Quincy
The fun part about beauty is how versatile it is. A single product can change your look so much, and I definitely have a few I lean toward at different times of the year. For example during the...

Easy Holiday Hair Ideas

Uptown with Elly Brown 12/7 10:00A Elly
The holiday season is here, and I know you have loved past hair tutorials and styles, so, I thought, let s create easy holiday hair ideas that can be done in under 5 minutes! You can also create...

5 Trending Holiday Looks for the Whole Family

Houston Style Magazine (Fashion) 11/30 8:17A Family Features
Creating trendy ensembles when you just want to stay warm can be a challenge, but this season’s hottest looks make it easy to keep cozy while dressing up or down. Whether you’re aiming for style for a holiday celebration or planning an evening out...

Off The Chain Necklace Stack

Uptown with Elly Brown 11/22 10:47P Elly
I m SOOOOO excited to share this with you and more about my Taudrey collaboration. This has been a labor of love, and I hope you love this piece as much as I do. Without further ado the OFF THE CHAIN...

Gift Ideas For The Family

Uptown with Elly Brown 11/22 10:16A Alexis Jones
Tis the season for buying gifts and saving money and time where you can! I recently stopped into Dick s Sporting Goods for gifts for the kids but realized there were things there I wanted to add to my list for everyone. It was a one-stop shop, and...

How to Buy the Right Denim

Uptown with Elly Brown 11/21 1:18A Elly
We have talked all about denim over the past week. Everything you need to know about denim . The essentials, what denim is made out of, the different washes, and more. Now it s time to talk about how...

Denim Essentials

Uptown with Elly Brown 11/18 9:51A Alexis Jones
Next up on Denim Week, we are covering denim essentials. If you missed it, we covered everything you need to know about denim earlier this week. Today, it s all about building your wardrobe and...
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